Adam Equipment CPWplus Digital Bench Scale

sku: CPWplus 6P

$255.90 USD $295.00 USD
  • Adam Equipment CPWplus Digital Bench Scale


Adam Equipment CPWplus Digital Bench Scale

sku: CPWplus 6P

$255.90 USD $295.00 USD
The Adam Equipment CPWplusP pillar display bench scale has different capacities and accuracy (also called readability), and an indicator with a large backlit display for clear readings in either bright or dim lighting. The six-foot cable allows the indicator to be placed where it is most readable, out of the way of the platform. Using the integrated bracket, the indicator can be mounted onto the aluminum pillar or a wall, or propped on a table, and then tilted to adjust the viewing angle. The steel platform is durable and stable, and the stainless steel weighing pan resists corrosion and is easy to clean. The scale can be operated using AC power or six standard AA (LR6) batteries, offering full mobility in the field and when a power supply is hard to find, for up to 60 hours. The auto off function can be enabled to power off the scale automatically after periods of inactivity to conserve power.

The scale has an automatic external calibration system as well as a programmable hold function for performing dynamic weighing of unstable samples, such as animals, or in unstable environments, and it tares and weighs in four different units. The built-in RS-232 port connects to a computer or printer for recording data, and printing can be synchronized with the scale’s hold function to print automatically when the measurement is stable. When used according to manufacturer’s recommendations, this product is covered by a one-year warranty.



  • Vivid, backlit LCD easily visible in any lighting conditions
  • Capacity tracker built into display for easily monitoring possible overloads
  • Color-coded keys facilitate quick recognition of the most frequently used buttons
  • Large, grade 304 stainless steel pan allows swift cleaning
  • Rugged stainless steel construction for ultimate durability
  • Checkweighing LEDs light to clearly show under, over and acceptable limits
  • Rechargeable battery included for operation almost anywhere
  • IP66 rated for protection against water and dust


Model Capacity Readability Pan Size
CPWplus 6P Pillar Display Bench Scale, 13lb/6000g Capacity, 0.005lb/2g Readability 6000g 2g 11.8"x11.8" / 300×300mm
CPWplus 15P Pillar Display Bench Scale, 33lb/15kg Capacity, 0.01lb/5g Readability 15kg 5g 11.8"x11.8" / 300×300mm
CPWplus 35P Pillar Display Bench Scale, 75lb/35kg Capacity, 0.02lb/10g Readability 35kg 10g 11.8"x11.8" / 300×300mm
CPWplus 75P Pillar Display Bench Scale, 165lb/75kg Capacity, 0.05lb/20g Readability 75kg 20g 11.8"x11.8" / 300×300mm
CPWplus 150P Pillar Display Bench Scale, 330lb/150kg Capacity, 0.1lb/50g Readability 150kg 50g 11.8"x11.8" / 300×300mm
CPWplus 200P Pillar Display Bench Scale, 440lb/200kg Capacity, 0.1lb/50g Readability 200kg 50g 11.8"x11.8" / 300×300mm

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