● Constructed of prime virgin polystyrene

● Plate cover design minimizes the risk of cross contamination

● Thin-walled well bottoms increase thermal consistency, reducing the edge effect

● Flat well bottoms provide excellent clarity for microscopic examination of samples

● Gamma radiation sterilized

● Non-pyrogenic, non-cyotoxic; DNase & RNase free, human DNA free

Cat # Wells

External Dimensions

W x Lx H (mm)

Well Dimensions

Dx H (mm)





Sterile Unit
07-6006 6-well 85.4x127.6x20.2mm 35x17.5mm 9.6cm2 3ml YES

1 Piece/Pack,

50 Packs/Case

07-6012 12-well 85.4x127.6x20.2mm 21.9x17.5mm 3.8cm2 2ml YES

1 Piece/Pack,50 Packs/Case

07-6024 24-well 85.4x127.6x20.2mm 15.5x17.5mm 1.9cm2 1ml YES

1 Piece/Pack,50 Packs/Case

07-6048 48-well 85.4x127.6x20.2mm 9.75x17.5mm 0.75cm2 0.5ml YES

1 Piece/Pack,50 Packs/Case

07-6096 96-well 85.4x127.6x14.4mm 6.5x10.8mm 0.33cm2 0.2ml YES

1 Piece/Pack,50 Packs/Cas